Sophie Hochenauer

Sophie Hochenauer, geboren am 28. Juli 2001, kann ihr Ding selber schreiben. Ja, kann sie wirklich. Danke Susi.

So, let’s begin for real, alright? I’m one of the three Bloggers (duh!), and as you may have noticed, I rebel against the German language. Not that I don’t like it, it’s wonderful, but English is the language of my soul, so please don’t hang me for thinking and, as a result, also writing in English.

I live in small Austria, in two small towns (due to divorce). It’s probably needless of me to say that I love books (if you haven’t noticed, this is a blog about books). Contrary to the others, I don’t read literature of the 19th century. My heroes aren’t Shakespeare and the lot. My heroes are Brandon Sanderson, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, J.K. Rowling, Laini Taylor, Orson Scott Card,… Recognize any of them? Hello fellow fantasy and science-fiction nerd! Wanna be friends and theorize about how they could all exist in our endless universe?

Now you know what I read. But what do I write? Amusingly, it’s rather contrary to what I read. It’s mostly love stories (sometimes with two people of the same gender), sometimes short thrillers, and I’m dipping into poetry. All of them are a bit philosophical, I like to describe, I like to put emotions into words. That’s really what I like to write about: strong emotions. Love, fear, joy, despair.

My „career“ started when I went to a pull-out-course about creative writing. When my geography teacher read my text, he took me under his wing, encouraged me to write more and today he still reads my stories with compassion. I took part in English writing camps, creative writing days etc. but I never sent my texts to competitions. Still haven’t. Sadly, English texts are underappreciated here in Austria. But what I took part in are reading competitions, where I made first and third place, and a speech-competition where I reached first place. There’s a short article under „Events“.

Writing is my hobby, not my life. It won’t keep me alive, like it will Susanne and Bernadette, but it’s my secret hiding place where I can say what I feel.