Female Discrimination- Female Genital Mutilation

What I want to write about today is an issue that is often unknown and rarely talked about. In the last weeks my class and I talked a lot about FGM, also known as Female Circumcision under the topic of women’s rights and I wanted to share my thoughts with you, my dear readers.

My first concern  is the role of women and men in the 21st century. It pains me to say that in many countries, they are not equal by the law. For example, women in Saudi Arabia don’t have the right to vote. While this has been achieved in First World countries, I think it’s safe to say that discrimination against women still happens everywhere around the world.

But discrimination doesn’t even begin to describe the horrors young girls have to go through in many parts of the world. Africa is particularly known for it: Female Genital Mutilation. If you can’t imagine it, let me help you: Young girls, often only five years old, are taken to a woman who cuts away most of the labia with whatever is handy- razor blades or even sharp rocks. I think it’s needless to say that this is a violation of human rights, but it is often considered as a cultural honor. Many girls die in the process, have severe pains during menstruation because the blood pools in the abdomen and childbirth becomes very risky. All this serves only the purpose that the men to who the girls are promised to are assured that she is a virgin.

Luckily, there is something every one of us can do to stop these crimes. Firstly, you can donate some money to the Desert Flower Foundation, founded through Waris Dirie. Her book „Desert Flower“ gives a personal insight into this issue if you are interested in learning more. Secondly, you can be more attentive in your own environment. Call out people who discriminate against women and observe your own ways of acting in our society.

Do you have any more thoughts on this topic? I’d love to read about them in the comments below!

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