What New Year’s means to me

At New Year’s, many people look back.
At New Year’s, we judge ourselves more than ever.
At New Year’s, it’s okay to confront the past.
At New Year’s, we want to get better.

We make a list of resolutions
So next year, when we stand here
We won’t hate ourselves as much
As we do this New Year’s

At New Year’s, I celebrate with my friends
At New Year’s, I wish luck to my family
At New Year’s, we guess our future with lead
At New Year’s, we are still filled with glee

I look back and see
All those doors I’ve thrown shut
I notice fingers stuck in them
They’re full of bruises and cuts

At New Year’s, I look back
At New Year’s, I open more doors than ever
At New Year’s, I heal my wounds
At New Year’s, I want to get better

This poem is a mess
Without rhymes and structure
It’s like a year of up and downs
I hope you will get better!

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