How long until the world is gone?

We always look down at the ground and we don’t see

When above us a bird is flying happily

Zipping left and right at incredible speed

It could be beond hills in seconds, I believe

And while we sit inside, looking at our TV

It is gone, and with it the chirping from the trees

And we look down at the ground and we too don’t see

The small ants working hard to keep alive the trees


Yes. This will be something critical about how we destroy our earth. I know: we’ve read it a thousand times, heard the warnings. It’s old news! It won’t affect us!

The sad thing is, it will. Results are already flowing in. The water cycle is changing. We have more violent summer storms, blizzards, tsunamis. We are the blue planet after all, and it can’t catch up. We need to help and it’s so easy to do something for the world.

  • recycle
  • plug off electronical devices when you don’t need them
  • plant some vegetables. No matter if you live in a house with garden or a small flat. Put them in a pot and enjoy food you have grown yourself. It’s exhilerating!
  • start your own compost of possibel. you can use it for your vegetables!
  • reduce the amount of meat you eat
  • try to buy local products, instead of imported ones which have traveled a long way
  • watch for certificates on chocolates or other products, like the rainforest alliance certificate and inform yourself about them
  • choose paper instead of plastic, e.g. cotton sticks which sticks are out of paper instead plastic
  • spare water whenever possible
  • don’t put your wants over the need of the planet you live on

As you can see these are some small ways to help the earth every day. People are doing good things. It’s not like everyone is accepting their doom. I, for sure, am not. We have to fight for our earth, we have to fight for every living creature and plant, for ourselves and the next ones to come. We have to see the error in our ways and recognize the lies we are fed.

Industrial farming is not able to feed the world. Most of our food comes from local small farms. Monocultures don’t have a chance to survive. They suck up the same nutrients from the ground, make it unvaluable, they get attacked by diseases, so we plant genetically modified plants and spray them with pesticides which in turn make us ill.

Look around you. Why have forests always existed in our world? Because they have a stunning variety. Because they have an ecosystem that protects itself. The answers have always been on this earth. So why do we keep moving in the wrong direction?

Because the big companies need us to think that their way is the only way. That’s normal. They’re trying to survive, too. But we mustn’t believe them any more. The only thing they’re good at is making money. They aren’t contributing to anything else that is valuable in our society.

Permaculture will save us, because it’s the only thing that can feed us. Wind and sun and water and geothermic will bring us energy, because it’s the only thing that won’t run out. We have to see and act!

I always thought I can’t do anything. We’re doomed anyway. Might as well enjoy my pineapples from Thailand.

But then I watched this movie. TOMORROW. Or demain, in it’s original language. And people, it’s so easy to help. The solutions are so obvious!

Here are some projects from the movie:

  • Incredible Edible:a group of people planted propaganda gardens all over town. The food that grows there is accessible for every citizen. The mayor saw their good intentions and now they’re allowed to use unbuilt space and the unused grounds out of the city.
  • Bec Hellouin: an unbelievably productive farm that grows only by the concepts of permaculture
  • Urban Farming (mostly in the USA): started in Detroit, people have started to grow organic food in the middle of the city in order to survive after the breakdown of the car industry. The most Urban Farms are in Austin, Texas, a state that is almost completely dependent on oil and gas, has noticed the danger and taken after Detroit. The concept is like this: you go there and work voluntarily and then you get the food you harvested!
  • Local money that supports local business. The mayor of Brixton wants his wage payed in Brixton pounds!

People are trying, and every one of us should support that and help. Get up from behind your laptop. This life isn’t healthy for us! We need to work together. We need to spread the word:



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